2021 Low-carbon Development
Low-carbon Development to Help Achieve the 3060 Goals

Coping with climate change and low-carbon transformation and development have become common challenges faced by all of humanity. Sinochem International implements the national "dual carbon" goal, carries out the requirements of the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Declaration of China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry joined by Sinochem Holdings, promotes a clean and lowcarbon energy structure, and vigorously promotes clean technologies and energy-saving equipment. The firm actively deploys new green industries, and continues to take responsibility for an active green and low-carbon transformation, and for promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Governance: Co-management and overall promotion
Sinochem International attaches great importance to the management of climate change and carbon emissions reduction. It has established a sustainable development committee under the board of directors to incorporate low-carbon development into its sustainability strategy, and clarifies the strategic position of the "dual carbon" goal from the perspective of top-level design. The Sustainable Development Committee has a low-carbon development sub-committee under the company's management level, which is responsible for refining and consolidating the company's work in low-carbon development and other fields.

Strategy: Far-sighted and scientific deployment
Sinochem International publicly released its "Energy Management and Climate Change Policy," which incorporates the improvement of energy management and response to climate change into the company's operation and management. The firm also compiled a list of greenhouse gases in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, which is dynamically adjusted and updated according to the actual situation every year. The company is comprehensively sorting out energy-savings and emission reduction projects, carrying out a carbon inventory of production enterprises, engaging third-party agencies to carry out professional inspections and issuing inspection reports for key enterprises, establishing a carbon emission database, and monitoring the greenhouse gas emissions of all production and operation enterprises. Sinochem International is also establishing a regular communication and coordination mechanism for its "dual carbon" work, initiating research on peak carbon and carbon neutrality paths, formulating the "Peak Carbon and Carbon Neutrality Action Plan," and comprehensively deploying low-carbon development plans. Continuing to deepen carbon information disclosures, it accepts regulation by the government or other regulators, and will gradually explore climate change disclosure.
By hiring from outside and training internally, the company has rapidly carried out the construction and layout of a "dual carbon" professional talent team. On the one hand, key employees in the fields of operation, technology, and strategy are selected to learn low-carbon management, carbon asset management, carbon verification policy background, management standards and practices, timely update knowledge reserves, and obtain certification qualifications. On the other hand, the market-oriented introduction of new energy technologies and 76 R&D and technical marketing employees, promotes green power research, helping the development of green industries and green transformation and upgrading.

Risk management: Planning ahead
Based on its own business development, Sinochem International actively identifies and evaluates climate risks and opportunities, regularly reviewing, updating, and formulating forward-looking countermeasures to mitigate the impact of climate change on the company's business. It strives to strengthen the supervision of the implementation of "dual carbon" work, strengthen the main responsibilities at all levels, and do a good job in the supervision of new energy conservation and emission reduction projects and renovation projects at all bases, as well as in the construction of carbon emissions and carbon verification business capabilities.

Goal orientation: Performance targets at every level
Sinochem International has strategically put forward the development goal of reducing comprehensive energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, demonstrating its determination to achieve a low-carbon transformation. It is also formulating specific plans for diagnosis and benchmarking, conducting feasibility studies of clean energy alternatives, introducing energy-saving technologies, and referring to advanced experience. The company regularly reviews the implementation of emission reduction measures and the completion of carbon reduction targets, and promotes energy conservation and emission reduction through process upgrades, equipment upgrades, energy substitution, and recycling, to build green and sustainable competitive advantages.

Sinochem International energy conservation and carbon reduction initiatives

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