Corporate Governance

Sinochem International abides by the Company Law, Securities Law, Governance Guidelines for Listed Companies, and relevant laws and regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Construct a governance structure with clear positioning, specified rights and responsibilities, and standardized processes, and continuously perform improvements and upgrades according to the actual development of the enterprise, so as to enable the enterprise to achieve stable operations and value creation.

Structure of Corporate Governance

The company has established a governance structure consisting of the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and professional committees, etc. It authorizes the management of the company to be responsible for operations, with clear rights and responsibilities, close cooperation, and standardized operations.

The Board of Directors comprised 7 board members, of which 3 were independent directors who respectively served as the chairpersons of the Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee, the Remuneration and Assessment Committee, and the Audit and Risk Committee. Independent directors made up the majority of the three important professional committees of the Board of Directors. When deliberating major production and operation-related decisions, external investment, nomination of senior executives and their remuneration and assessment, internal audit, sustainable development and other matters, independent directors employed their professional knowledge, extensive professional backgrounds and industry experience to make prudent judgments and express independent opinions. This helped to ensure the objectivity and independence of the Board of Directors. The company’s external directors actively participated in the meetings of the Board of Directors and various special committees. All the directors participated in discussions, provided feasible management recommendations, and ensured and supervised the implementation of the company’s strategic decisions.

All committee members of the company possess the relevant industry experience and professional knowledge. The company provides sufficient training and other supporting resources to newly appointed directors, including training on the company’s business and operations, statutory regulatory obligations, ability improvement, compliance and anti-corruption, so as to ensure the continued improvement of the directors’ ability to perform their duties while also boosting their scientific decision-making level.

The Board of Directors of the company submits an annual work report to the controlling shareholder every year, and the controlling shareholder evaluates and assesses the governance and operations of the Board of Directors in integration with the day-to-day management situation. This helps the Board of Directors to continuously improve their ability to exercise powers and fulfill responsibilities, and maximizes the governance of energy efficiency. The assessment dimensions cover authority and responsibility operation, information communication, strategic decision-making, risk prevention and reform effectiveness.

Information Disclosure and Investor Relations Management

Sinochem International strictly adheres to the relevant regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the stock exchange in ensuring the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of information disclosure. Guided by investor needs, the company continuously enhances the pertinence and effectiveness of the information disclosed, thereby providing comprehensive and integrated information for investors as they make value judgments and investment decisions. The company performs the in-depth implementation of its governance concept based primarily on information disclosure, having formulated systems such as the Information Disclosure Management System and Accountability System for Major Errors in Information Disclosure of Annual Reports. We continuously strengthen information disclosure awareness and quality, creating a good internal environment for the management of information disclosure affairs while improving the transparency of listed companies.

In order to cater to the concerns and demands of investors, the company upgraded and revised its annual report since 2022 to feature key changes such as optimized business classification categories; refined core content and consolidated information on scattered businesses and operating conditions based on investors’ focus points, presenting the information in a consolidated and prominent manner; reorganization of the core competitiveness analysis; and adoption of a visual design scheme for the annual report.

In 2022, Sinochem International received an A-level evaluation in the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s 2021-2022 information disclosure work evaluation for listed companies.

Based on the Investor Relations Workbook, Sinochem International has established two-way communication mechanism and an open and transparent platform for investors. We respond to investors’ questions via our official WeChat, investor hotline, SSE e-interactions, and other platforms. Annual reports, performance presentations, resolution announcements, news information, shareholders’ meetings, etc., ensure that investors have prompt and accurate important information about factors such as company strategy, major events, corporate operations and etc. We strengthen two-way communication with small and medium investors through visits, special internet phone exchanges, one-to-one (or one-to-many) roadshows, and small-scale strategy meetings.

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