Sinochem International respects and protects employees’ human rights, provide employees with a broad career development space, plentiful development resources, a safe and comfortable working environment, a salary and benefits that cover the cost of living, actively participate in activities such as rural revitalization, public welfare and charity work, and community construction, inter alia, so as to promote positive interaction between the company and the community.

Employee Rights

The company strictly abides by the laws and regulations of China and the various overseas regions it operates in, having formulated the Labor and Human Rights Policy. Upholding the “fair, equitable and transparent” principle of legally compliant employment, we value and safeguard the rights and interests of employees, respect their values, individuality and privacy, create a diverse, equal, and inclusive working environment, and build harmonious labor relations.

Labor Rights and Interests

Sinochem International and all of its subsidiaries have signed a Letter of Responsibility for Standardized Employment, and insist on equality of employment, clearly prohibiting any discriminatory treatment of an employee for any reason. Harassment, child labor, and any form of forced labor are strictly prohibited. The company encourages and supports the employment and career development of women, ethnic minorities and the disabled, and promotes their group integration through measures such as the setting up of toilets for the disabled, and protection for pregnant women and their employment.

The company and the labor union signed a Collective Labor Contract, Specific Contract for the Protection of Special Interests of Female Employees and Collective Wage Agreement. It has been agreed that both parties reserve the right to propose ad-hoc consultation meetings to negotiate and revise the relevant clauses in the contract and annexes, which will be subsequently passed and filed based on the original process. The company also views human rights clauses as a significant factor in key investment acquisition agreements.

Democratic Management

Sinochem International and its subsidiaries have established labor union organization and a democratic management system in the fundamental form of the employee representative congress. We regard the major issues involving the vital interests of employees as the key content of the democratic management, protecting employees’ right to know, right to participate and right of oversight.

We respect employees’ legal rights of free association and collective bargaining in accordance with the law, and do not object to employees’ participation in legal activities by labor unions legally registered locally, based on the premise of non-compulsion and non-violation of local law.

Talents Development

Embodying the particularities of its industry, Sinochem International has established a matrix training system that is “tiered horizontally and classified vertically by expertise” in order to achieve full-range, all-round training for all, from new employees to senior professionals, from grassroots blue-collar workers through to key positions in the company, and thus provide employees with progressive career planning and empowerment.

The company has built a system with multiple incentives covering the entire life cycle of the business, and has introduced a range of incentives including innovation and equity incentives, inter alia. It links employee incentives closely with their responsibilities, skills and contributions, and continuously improves employees’ development capabilities and enthusiasm for creating results.

Welfare and Care

Sinochem International continues to build upon and improve its employee remuneration and benefits system, provides market-competitive salary levels that comply with minimum wage standards in the locations where it operates, keeps abreast of employee dynamics and needs, provides the basic benefits required by law as well as further internal benefits, and creates a comfortable working environment for its employees. These welfare policies effectively support the health and lives of their employees and their family members.

The company cares about its employees’ work-life balance, and organizes yoga, basketball and other group activities on a regular basis, as well as festival celebrations and cultural activities from time to time, to improve employees’ sense of belonging and cohesion; we rely on the GROWTH learning and development platform to offer regular psychological counseling courses, and care for our employees’ psychological health; we make every effort to help employees facing difficulties, and implement initiatives that improve employees’ everyday lives, provide kindness and care to present and retired employees.

KPIs in 2022:
● Employee labor contract signature rate: 100%
● Labor and human rights training coverage: 100%
● Percentage of employees in all locations who have received diversity, discrimination and/or harassment training: 100%
● Percentage of workplaces that have undergone human rights audits or impact assessments: 85%
● Security personnel trained in human rights policies or procedures: 100% ● Human rights violations such as child labor, forced labor, discrimination, harassment, etc.: 0
● Percentage of employees in all regions covered by a formal collective agreement governing working conditions: 100%
● Percentage of employees in all regions covered by a formally elected employee representative: 100%
● Labor union membership rate: 100%
● Annual employee satisfaction score:79%(higher than the industry average)
● Investment in employee training:9.59 million yuan
● Employee participation in training:373,517
● Average hours of training completed per employee:37.72h
● Social insurance coverage: 100%
● Investment to assist employees in difficult situations: 756,2000 yuan
● ?Cultural and sports activities: 591, Participating employees: 18,630

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