2020 Fight against COVID-19

In 2020, COVID-19 has significantly impacted the world economy and people’s livelihood of all countries. Pandemic prevention and control is Sinochem International’s responsibility. The Company strictly implements the orders of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council as well as the requirements of Sinochem Group, exerts its industrial and professional advantages to participate in the battle against the pandemic. It raced against time to support the fight against COVID-19 and shouldered its responsibility to prevent the spread of the pandemic within the workplace.

Key Figures in the Fight against COVID-19

Fight against COVID-19

On the Battlefront – Ensuring Disinfectants Supplies through Urgent Mobilization

Due to the severity of the pandemic, the consumption of disinfectants has soared. Sodium hypochlorite produced by Jiangsu Ruixiang of Yangnong Group (Yangnong Ruixiang), a subsidiary of Sinochem International, is the main effective component of mainstream disinfectants. In the early stage of the outbreak of the pandemic, Yangnong Ruixiang urgently dispatched employees to produce sodium hypochlorite at full capacity 24 hours a day to meet the urgent need for disinfectants. It has fulfilled the social responsibility of central enterprises with practical actions.

In 2020, Yangnong Group donated 130 tons of sodium hypochlorite to Wuhan and Yangzhou CDC, which can meet the demand of 26,000 tons of environmental disinfection. Yangnong supply more than 10,000 tons of sodium hypochlorite to all provinces and cities in China. Sinochem International and Yangnong Group promised no price increase in sodium hypochlorite during the anti-pandemic period.

While help preventing the pandemic, Yangnong Ruixiang is also responsible for ensuring the supply of sodium hypochlorite for tap water disinfection in Yangzhou City and five prefecture-level cities including Yancheng and Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province. More than 50 employees of the factory stick to their posts to keep production facilities running at full capacity.

Fight against COVID-19

Support the Battlefront – Donation and Collaboration during the Pandemic

While ensuring the supply of disinfectants, Sinochem International purchased anti-pandemic materials through multiple channels and actively organized employee donation to participate in the tough battle against the pandemic.

Fight against COVID-19

Fight against COVID-19

Pandemic Prevention – Curbing the Spread of the Pandemic through Coordinated Deployment

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Sinochem International responded quickly. The Emergency Notice on COVID-19 Prevention and Control was urgently issued, leading groups and working panels for pandemic prevention and control set up, emergency plans formulated, and five taskforces, namely logistics, procurement, medical technology, publicity, and communication support group set up to deploy pandemic prevention and control measures as a whole.

In the special period, centrally administrated SOEs serve as a powerful economic backbone for the country. While taking anti-pandemic measures, Sinochem International consciously assumes its social responsibility by making every effort to ensure a swift and safety-first production recovery to support the national economic off the anti–COVID-19 battlefront.

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