With the green circular economy industrial chains, Sinochem International has realized a constantly evolving product line as well as optimal efficiency in the use of its resources. With a clear advantage in technological innovation, extensive experience in operation and management, and a secure hold on resources upstream, Sinochem International has been able to create a strong bond with the end user, bringing a greener, healthier life to people everywhere.

We have been especially proactive in the development and expansion of materials and chemical intermediates business. The Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co. Ltd., of which Sinochem holds a majority share, operates three different production bases in China, each boasting comprehensive and advanced facilities for materials and chemical intermediates production, with the manufacturing center in the city of Zhongwei, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, possessing production capabilities for phosgene (COCl2). Yangnong Chemical Group leads the domestic market and commands an influential global position in the specialized areas of a series fine chemicals of aromatic hydrocarbon chlorination, nitration, and hydrogenation, as well as the production of epichlorohydrin.

Regarding innovation in research and development, the Yangnong Group holds the titles of National High-Tech Enterprise, National Model Enterprise for Technological Innovation, and National Model Enterprise for Technological Innovation in the Oil and Chemical Industries. The designations National Enterprise Technology Center, National Demonstration Academician and Expert Workstation, National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation, and the Jiangsu Province Engineering and Technology Research Center have been bestowed upon Yangnong Group's platform promoting scientific innovation and technological advancement. Yangnong Group's Scientific and Technological Innovation Center is comprised of separate research labs specifically for forward-looking topics; specialized chemicals; industrial catalysts; environmental protection; materials synthesis / modification / application; analysis and testing; and engineering technology, creating a hub for technological innovation encompassing fundamental research, process development, engineering, industrialization, and product application all under one roof, revolving around the five core directives of R&D Strategy, R&D Projects, R&D Resources, R&D Results, and Science and Technology Intelligence, as well as two centers of Intellectual Property and Scientific and Technological Information, towards the creation of a market-oriented system for managing innovations in the fields of science and technology

Sinochem International New Materials (Hebei) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinochem International, is proactively expanding the production and application of functional intermediates, striving to become a specialist in, and innovator of, advanced materials catering to future-oriented sectors such as environmental protection. The company's main products include pesticide intermediates, electronic chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates, with its PPP and PDC intermediates both enjoying a spot in the top three best-selling products of their kind

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