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Sinochem Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinochem International, specializes in membrane separation materials and product innovation, manufacturing reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane, ultrafiltrationmembrane, and degassing membrane materials and products with wide-ranging applications in net-zero emissions technology, ultra-pure water filtration, reclaimed water reuse, brackish water and seawater desalination, and other specialized separation techniques.

Sinochem Membrane Technology's production facilities are situated in Xiangshan County just south of the city of Ningbo. The company has invested nearly one billion RMB in globally advanced membrane production and rolling technology, achieving an annual production capacity of 880,000 square meters of reverse osmosis membrane.

Through constant technological and application innovation, we aim to forge an unrivaled brand for Sinochem Membrane, while satisfying the needs of our customers around the globe.

Site Renderings of Sinochem Membrane Production Base - Phase I
Site Renderings of Sinochem Membrane Production Base - Phase I
Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Water resources are vital to the survival and development of human beings. Reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration technologies that purify various water sources are advanced ways to achieve effective use of water resources.

Sinochem International possesses unique RO membrane formulations. It is committed to creating industry-leading high-performance RO membranes by using imported intelligent production equipment and innovative production processes. We offer our customers a wide range of membranes to meet their needs for high-quality water, low operating energy, low maintenance costs, and low investments.

Sinochem International's RO membranes have high rejection and permeate flux, and their fouling resistance has reached an unprecedented high level. Based on these advantages, we offer industry-leading high-performance RO membranes for current challenging water pollution problems.

  • Product Series
  • BW Series (Brackish Water Desalination)
    Sinochem's BW series RO membrane elements have excellent rejection performance and high permeate flux. This series is an ideal choice for owners who are looking for high-rejection and low-energy RO membranes.
  • FR Series (Fouling Resistance)
    Sinochem's FR series RO membrane elements have undergone special treatment for their surface, thus having excellent fouling and cleaning resistance. The series has high rejection and permeate flux in treating high microbial contaminated raw water.
  • ULE Series (Ultra-Low Pressure)
    Sinochem's ULE series RO membrane elements work under low pressure and have high permeate flux. This series is an ideal choice for owners who are looking for high-purity, low-energy RO membranes.
  • SW Series (Seawater Desalination)
    Sinochem's SW series RO membrane elements are featured by high rejection, stable performance, and low operating cost. We offer RO membranes with high boron rejection that allows seawater to be used as drinking water after desalinization through a primary RO system.
  • HP Series (Ultra-High Pressure)
    Sinochem's HP series RO membrane elements are ultra-high pressure RO membrane elements for industrial wastewater treatment. With an operating pressure of up to 120 bar, they can effectively improve the overall efficiency of zero-emission systems. Under ultra-high pressure, the RO system can achieve an extremely high system recovery rate, resulting in a decrease in the total concentration of the concentrate. This series is ideal for zero-emission or membrane concentration processes.
Reverse Osmosis Membranes
List of RO Membrane Models
Degassing Membranes

In the energy and industrial fields, it is critical to control the concentration of dissolved oxygen and dissolved carbon dioxide. The degassing membranes can control the degassing and aeration of liquids in an efficient, simple, and precise manner.

Sinochem-DIC degassing membranes adopt PMP hydrophobic hollow fiber membranes through which gas instead of water is permeable. With extraordinary degassing performance, they can reduce the dissolved oxygen concentration to below 1 ppb and the dissolved carbon dioxide concentration to less than 1 ppm. Compared with ordinary microporous membranes, the hollow fiber membrane surface of Sinochem-DIC degassing membranes possess a skin layer which can greatly reduce the permeation of water vapor; therefore, customers only need to use smaller vacuum pumps and supporting equipment, which not only reduces equipment costs, but also saves on operating energy.

Sinochem-DIC degassing membranes have achieved a perfect combination of high performance and high-cost performance, bringing an extraordinary operating experience to customers. They perform well in dozens of projects at home and abroad. If you want to select a cost-effective degassing product with ultra-high gas permeability, shorter delivery, and better service, Sinochem-DIC degassing membranes are the smart choice.

Degassing Membranes
List of degassing membrane models
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