Welcome to join Sinochem International!

With an open and inclusive mind, Sinochem International recruits experts from wide-ranging fields, respects different values, and has actively constructed a diverse working environment. We provide equal employment opportunities to all candidates and resolutely opposes employment discrimination. We do not use race, religion, age, gender, disability status, marriage status, or children as recruitment conditions.

We have worked to establish a multi-cultural atmosphere of openness, tolerance, mutual respect, learning, and formulation with strict implementation. We have established a fair and just reward and punishment system to encourage employees to learn and contribute. We adhere to the principles of equality and respect, and encourage employees to compete fairly and climb the corporate ladder according to their career interests. The company gives full play to their enthusiasm and initiative, and also established complete management systems and processes to protect their rights and interests.

Talent Concept

What supports Sinochem International is the group of talents and what creates the value of Sinochem International is the whole staff. Therefore, the staff members are regarded as the great treasure of the company; we always welcome excellent talents of potential from all parts of the world and hope each employee will enjoy better career prospects in Sinochem International.

Talent Concept

Our company is a big family, composed of individuals of distinguishable personalities; the company values and respects them; it is believed that the progress of the individual and the development of the enterprise are closely linked. Sinochem International's vitality depends on the staff's creativity; diligence of the employees makes the company grow more and more prosperous; the innovation of the personnel keeps the company dynamic. The company's development is driven by the staff's joint efforts; while the personal development needs corresponding opportunities and space offered by the company.Hence, what we pursue is the better development of both the enterprise and the staff.

Requirements for the employees, which we strive to achieve:
Being credible, cooperative and good at learning;
Being responsible, innovative and striving for excellence
Our mission:being committed to the value promotion of both the enterprise and the staff by keeping people-oriented, implementing system management and professional services.
Our pursuits:securing an adequate supply of human resources for the corporate development; creating a better environment and space for the staff's development.

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