Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is one of the four major industrial raw materials. As a leader in the natural rubber industry, Sinochem has assumed the strategic mission of “safeguarding the safety of the nation’s natural rubber resources”. Over the last 60 years, our operations in the natural rubber business has seen us start from natural rubber trading before gradually extending the upstream and downstream industrial chain and expanding horizontally in the industry.

In 2016, the company acquired Singaporean company Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited and started to build the world’s largest natural rubber industrial platform based on this acquisition. In April 2017, Halcyon Natural Rubber (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. commenced business to undertake Halcyon Corporation’s responsibility to develop the natural rubber industry in the Chinese market.

At present, the company's business scope encompasses the planting, production, processing and marketing of natural rubber as well as the research and development, production and related value-added services of rubber chemicals. With markets in China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, the company’s business structure is globally integrated with a whole industry chain operation model for both upstream and downstream components. It has become a pioneer and a key player in the scheme of the national "Belt and Road" international cooperation initiative.

Planting Resources

In terms of planting resources, Sinochem International has acquired high-quality land resources in Southeast Asia and West Africa. It now owns a total rubber planting area of 66,000 hectares.

Planting Resources
Production and Processing

In the field of production and processing, Sinochem International continues optimizing its global capacity in natural rubber. It currently has 38 processing plants in the major rubber-producing regions of Yunnan and Hainan provinces in China, Southeast Asia and West Africa, with a total annual processing capacity of over 1.60 million tons. Focusing on rubber for premium radial tires, it is the preferred supplier for renowned global tire companies and rubber products manufacturers in China and abroad.

Marketing and Services

In its marketing and services for clients, Sinochem International continues to strengthen supply chain management, aiming to improve services to downstream customers through marketing networks, central warehouses, logistics and distribution facilities, as well as overseas marketing platform in Singapore. Furthermore, Sinochem International is strengthening its strategic cooperation with major players in the tire industry like Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental and Goodyear, expanding its sales scale. Sinochem International ranks third among all natural rubber suppliers in the world.


In R&D, Sinochem International is taking full advantage of the Natural Rubber R&D Center to provide comprehensive support for the improvement of processing and efficient operation of facilities and help factories achieve product innovation.

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