Lightweight Materials

We constantly focus on the strategic emerging industries of engineering plastics, modified plastics, and biodegradable materials, integrating global technology and market resources, while commanding a competitive edge in core technologies as well as customized service capabilities to forge an all-in-one ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) production chain from up to downstream. Furthermore, using ABS production as a cornerstone, we are exerting great effort in the building of an industrial platform for lightweight materials.

In January 2019, Sinochem International acquired Spain-based ELIX Polymers S.L., a major provider of ABS resins and derivatives in Europe who has made significant breakthroughs in the production of polymers and other lightweight materials with large market capacity and high market threshold. ELIX Polymers is a leading European production, R&D and service enterprise of ABS and ABS alloys customized to the client's needs, offering a comprehensive, high-quality ABS product line covering a wide range of applications including motor vehicles, healthcare, consumer products, and electronics.

To further advance our roadmap for the industrialization of lightweight materials,while leaning on our globally competitive edge in advanced technology, Sinochem international have expedited the construction of a lightweight materials production base in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, mainly producing ABS modified products, as well as tailor-made functional products based on client request, satisfying diversifying demand on the market while expanding the company’s reach in the engineering plastics business.

Sinochem is one of the most influential trade and distribution service providers for the chemical industry, both domestically and globally. Our subordinate enterprise Sinochem Plastics Co., Ltd., the Asia's largest chemical goods distributor, which has established a China-wide sales and marketing network primarily for the end-user market, while overseas the company has built an impressive platform for purchasing and international trade, in the process becoming a valued strategic partner among the top purveyors of chemical products. Sinochem Plastic's main products include ABS resins, polycarbonate (PC), polystyrene(PS), polyurethane(PU), coatings raw materials, and oleochemicals. Sinochem Plastics has established a market-oriented, customer-centric sales service network, providing added-value services such as one-stop shopping, door-to-door delivery, financial services, and product modifications to more than 10,000 user-end clients

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