Sinochem International integrates the principle of sustainable development into the entire process of supplier management and procurement business, having formulated systems such as the Supplier Code of Conduct and Sustainable Procurement Management Measures. The company established a supply chain social responsibility management kit and developed a sustainable supply chain training kit in order to conduct sustainable procurement training for internal procurement personnel and external suppliers, thereby improving suppliers’ sustainable development capabilities while driving partners to build sustainable supply chains.

The company implemented whole-process management in terms of supplier on-boarding assessment, classification and categorization, qualification review, performance evaluation and supplier exit, incorporating safety and environment, labor human rights, and social responsibility components into the evaluation criteria. According to the results of the evaluation and assessment, the suppliers will be rewarded, corrected, downgraded or eliminated.

● Key Tasks of Sustainable Supply Chain in 2022

KPIs in 2022:
● Suppliers: 3,304, Core supplier: 62
● Local sourcing procurement rate of suppliers: 99%
● New suppliers that were screened using social and environmental criteria: 13
● Core suppliers that have been assessed for the social responsibility: 47
● Percentage of core suppliers who have signed Supplier Code of Conduct: 100%
● The cumulative coverage rate of core supplier sustainability training: 100%
● Percentage of core suppliers who have undergone a CSR assessment: 75.81%
● Percentage of core suppliers who have undergone an on-site CSR audit: 61.54%
● Percentage of buyers in all regions who have undergone sustainable purchasing training: 100%



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