Sinochem International adheres to the public welfare concept of “from society we come, the society we serve”, maximizing its resource advantages, actively carried out activities such as rural revitalization and community care programs. The company exercises its corporate social responsibility with effective action and promotes positive interaction between its business and the community in order to build and share a harmonious society.

The company is actively responding to China’s rural revitalization strategy, and has fully implemented Sinochem’s various initiatives, using consumer and education assistance as major starting points, maintaining active links with, and sharing resources and results with areas receiving assistance in order to ensure the stability of poverty alleviation efforts and assist in rural revitalization

We have removed obstacles in community communication channels, encourage both headquarters and subsidiaries to organize “Community Communication Week” activities, and invite stakeholders in our operating areas, such as government bodies, cooperation partners, customers, and the general public, inter alia, to visit the company for seminars, tours, awareness raising, popular science and various other communication events to introduce the company’s plans, activities and achievements in terms of sustainable development, disseminating information on safety, firefighting, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc., in order to enhance mutual understanding.

We are enthusiastic participants in charity and public welfare activities, and energetically promote the spirit of volunteerism. We are promoting the public interest, and creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing community environment through practical actions that effectively improve the level of medical care, education, environment, and cultural acumen of local residents.

KPIs in 2022:
● Assisted consumption of agricultural products of 61,130 kg, sales amounted to more than 2,930,000 yuan
● Donation: 1,768,200 yuan
● Volunteer activities: 266, Beneficiaries: 51,991
● Social contribution per share: 2.28 yuan




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