Sinochem International
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Financing and Ratings
Financing Overview
Rating status of the company

In order to meet the needs of the company's business development, Sinochem International has obtained the AAA credit rating in China and accumulated valuable experience in domestic debt financing. We have also achieved the investment grade rating results of Moody's Baa1, S&P BBB+ and Fitch A-, and successfully issued US dollar bonds, opening the channel of foreign bond issuance.

Bond ratings of surviving corporations

Currently, the company’s existing bonds are “21 Sinochem G1”, “Sinochem GY01”, “22 Sinochem G1” ,“23 Sinochem K1”bonds.

China Chengxin Credit Rating Group (hereinafter referred to as “CCX”) performs follow-up ratings on existing bonds every year, and the most recent subject credit rating is AAA. The rating outlook is stable and the bond credit rating is AAA.

Moody, S&P and Fitch conduct periodic reviews of the ratings of Sinochem International on an annual basis. The company’s latest credit rating: Moody – Baa1; S&P – BBB; Fitch – A-; outlook stable.

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