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In Lawrence Woodmere Academy sports is a majority of the schools’ spirit and culture. In the schools sports, there is a difference between the number of boys participants in sports and the number of participants in girls sports. The girls divisions of sports usually has a much harder time at recruiting players than the boys division.


The Lawrence Woodmere Academy Lady Tigers Girls Varsity Basketball team began their season yesterday on December 3rd. After preparing and practicing during the preseason, their first game against Martin Luther ended in a close win, 51-49. Senior Cherish Atkinson said, “Having only 5 players was a challenge, but one we knew we could overcome, and we prevailed.” Senior Autumn Washington adds, “It was a team effort. Everyone contributed their part to the best of their ability. I’m proud of how we played.” The girls agree that there is always room for improvement and with practice and becoming a unit, they “have faith in their team.” The lady tigers play again at home Friday, December 6th against Berkeley Carroll at 4:30. Go Lady Tigers!


On Tuesday, November 12th to Thursday, November 13th, Lawrence Woodmere Academy held the annual Book Fair located on the mezzanine. The Book Fair, organized by board member Ella Schwartz, and run by parent volunteers. The Book Fair gives the students a chance to expand their reading horizons and purchase novels they have been interested in. The organizer of the book fair, Ella Schwartz said, “The Book Fair is a very special time for our students, It’s great watching children get excited about making their own book choices.” 


As the 2019-2020 Boys Varsity Basketball season begins, the Tigers look to win their 3rd straight state title. With three of their main players graduating and beginning college basketball, the returning players must fill bigger shoes.

LWA Soccer 10_3

Last Saturday Lawrence Woodmere Academy held their annual homecoming event and soccer game. The soccer team lost 0-1 at the hands of Staten Island Academy. Although the team lost, John Harrison, an LWA Junior, said, “he felt as if the soccer team played good, it’s just a matter of we win some we lose some.” Although LWA lost the game, the great food, cotton candy and events kept spirits high. Not only did LWA students and families enjoy Homecoming, visitor Eden Bouchi from Holy Trinity High School said, “The “3 on 3 basketball game and the food were pretty good, maybe I’ll even come again next year.” Parents, students, family, and friends filled the field of LWA to watch the soccer game, play 3 on 3 basketball, dance to good music (presented by LWA Senior and DJ, Christian Aristizabal) and participate in events like the donut eating contest. LWA homecoming 2019 was successful for all involved.


By Larry Rhabb

As their last year of high school begins, many seniors across the country proclaim to have “Senioritis”, a feeling of not wanting to put in the same effort they had for their first 3 years of high school. Is this something all seniors have and is this a real thing?

Senioritis stems from the idea that students “are applying to schools and [they] feel that their hard work can now come to a slow decline,” according to an anonymous LWA senior. The idea is that as colleges start to accept students and seniors begin to decide and plan on where to spend the next 4 years of their lives, their effort in school allegedly begins to decrease. A reason might be that, there is more of a desire to finish the common app and get applications out, than there is to keep up their work ethic.

“Yea I say I have Senioritis everyday, but in reality I don’t lose or gain any more effort than I had before. I still do all of my work. It’s not like I want to fail,” a senior at LWA says. This recurring theme of Senioritis strikes the nation year after year as memes on social media create buzz and seniors announce they are affected by Senioritis. Some might say it is harmless, however, according to LWA senior, Jaiden Fox, “it is bad, because [they’ve] only been in school for a month and [they] don’t do any work.” 

There are incentives to not fall subject to Senioritis. It is beneficial for a senior  to stay on top of their A game and finish out high school strong. Although many colleges don’t always look at full year grades in the highest regard, colleges do look at first semester grades, which could negatively impact college decisions and scholarships if they fall below a certain level.


By Maurice Butler

For a while now, The National Basketball Association has always had their preseason against foreign teams and in foreign countries. Much of the time, the teams the NBA teams play against in the preseason are Chinese teams. In China, the NBA is very popular, making China one of the NBA’s biggest supporters in the world. This is partly the reason why Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey sparked controversy when he tweeted an image that said, “fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong”. The tweet has since been deleted.


by Ian Geraghty

The Lawrence Woodmere Academy Varsity soccer team has been red hot this season with an undefeated record. With a well rounded squad including grades 8th – 12th the Tigers have been very impressive.


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