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As a founding member of the Five Towns Saving Lives Youth Coalition Council, I work with other teens of our community to find healthy and effective remedies to the turmoil we silently face, whether that be anxiety, depression, trauma, burnout, substance misuse, or countless others. I was recently introduced to a specific grounding strategy by professionals in psychology, and I encourage you to, instead of dismissing your troubles, utilize these interlacing techniques to healthily manage them and move forward.


more than 100 words, students in the College Writing course were asked to share a true love story. The students had complete freedom with this assignment and were encouraged to write about a person, object, action, personal experience, etc. These stories range from humor to tragedy to feel-good to passionate and offer a rare, special glimpse into the human heart. 


The upper-school college writing course here at Lawrence Woodmere Academy invited the students to ponder on and describe ten essentials in their lives, ranging from a wide array of objects, people, places, experiences, etc. Gladly, a few brave souls were willing to submit excerpts of their pieces to the literary section. Humorous, interesting, and beautiful, these passages most certainly deepened my understanding of my fellow peers here at LWA, as hopefully they will for you!


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