About The Staff

As architects of their Global Studies concentration, the Cohort 4 Global Scholars chose to create a school newspaper, The Prism, and to mentor the next cohort of Global Scholars when they join the staff next semester.  Borne out of their desire to keep alive stories in the news that often “go away” after a short life in the media cycle,  the students designed a newspaper that would address those stories as well as to provide a forum for a student-written publication of news (school and otherwise), features, Op-Ed pieces, sports and entertainment stories. The name of the newspaper, The Prism, represents their mission as student journalists: to report the story from all angles.

Meet the Editors

The editorial board is a rotating assembly of students, whose job is to write, edit, provide leadership, & direction for the team.


Harrison Schwartz

Co-Editor in Chief

Harrison Schwartz, a member of the class of 2020, is a founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Prism. He has worked since freshman year to produce this website. Furthermore, he enjoys acting in the LWA Theatre Program and playing Varsity Soccer. Outside of school, he interns for a NY State Senator. He also devours everything about the only true sport... Soccer (football, fútbol, soccer, The Beautiful Game... you pick!) , and the only true team.... Liverpool FC.


    Tehya Gerbino

    Co-Editor in Chief

    Tehya Gerbino is a co editor in chief for the Prism online news paper. This is her first year on the prism newspaper team. When she isn’t writing for the paper, she enjoys listening to music and watching tv. During school, she is a member of the softball team and model un club.


      Lilli Albucker

      Co-Editor in Chief

      Class of 2020 Lilli Albucker is one of the Editor in Chiefs for the Prism. When she is not working on the Prism or writing for The Herald, she is a leader in the Helping Hands Club. She also loves to draw.

        Meet the Writers

        We make the words!


        Technology Editor


        Class of 2020 Tyler Haynes is the Technology Editor For the Lawrence Woodmere Academy Prism. When not writing articles he is most likely working on personal projects or cracking jokes with friends.


          Madison Leonard

          Sports Editor

          Madison Leonard is the sports writer Editor for The Prism website. She is entering her first year on the Prism staff. Madison is a very well rounded athlete and has participated in all seasons of athletics including soccer, softball, and basketball.  


            Misha Newman

            Staff Writer

            Class of 2020 Misha is an editor of the Op-ed section and produces a monthly column in which Misha takes people in the media, contemporary history, and history who all connect to the theme of the month. In their free time, Misha listens to music, learning about history, or writing.


              Autumn Washington

              Staff Writer

              Class of 2020 Autumn Washington is a writer in The Prism. She is  excited to be one of the pioneers of the new school paper.In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, singing and listening to music.