About The Staff

As architects of their Global Studies concentration, the Cohort 4 Global Scholars chose to create a school newspaper, The Prism, and to mentor the next cohort of Global Scholars when they join the staff next semester.  Borne out of their desire to keep alive stories in the news that often “go away” after a short life in the media cycle,  the students designed a newspaper that would address those stories as well as to provide a forum for a student-written publication of news (school and otherwise), features, Op-Ed pieces, sports and entertainment stories. The name of the newspaper, The Prism, represents their mission as student journalists: to report the story from all angles.

Meet the Editors

The editorial board is a rotating assembly of students, whose job is to write, edit, provide leadership, & direction for the team.


Chloe Albucker


Chloe Albucker is a freshman at Lawrence Woodmere Academy, serving as the Editor-In-Chief of the Prism Press. She also assumes the general responsibilities of a journalist with her recurring articles highlighting her political views: “CEASE THE IGNORANCE.” When straying from studying the precepts of journalism, Chloe acts as co-president of the yearbook committee, an honorary member of LWA’s Cultural Celebration and Understanding Team, an engaged participant in the upper school Debate Club, as well as a founding member of the Five Towns Saving Lives Youth Coalition Council. She enjoys indulging in pleasure of creating, observing, and appreciating all forms of artistry, as it reflects her inner longing for expression. Chloe Albucker is thrilled to be able to lead this passionate congregation of adolescents in this newspaper committee and hopes to assist them in unleashing their potential by inspiring us all to utilize the beautiful power of our voices!


    Lauren Mitchell

    Deputy Editor

    Lauren Mitchell, member of the Class of 2024, doubles as the Deputy Editor and Journalist for The Prism Press. Lauren is also the Co-President of the Yearbook Club. Outside of school, she loves to listen to music and spend time with loved ones.


      Laura Maffei

      Faculty Advisor

        Meet the Writers

        We make the words!


        Cayla Carrion


        Cayla Carrion, member of the Class of 2024, is a Journalist for The Prism Press. Cayla also plays for the Lady Tigers Varsity Volleyball team. When not in school, Cayla enjoys listening to music, traveling, and watching movies.


          Kayla Jackson


          Kayla Jackson has attended Lawrence Woodmere Academy since 2020 and works on the Prism Press staff as a journalist. She writes about the lost stories of inspiring, influential people. When Kayla isn't writing articles for the newspaper, she is playing video games, watching anime, listening to music, or playing the piano.

            Kendall Neely

            Kendell Neely



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