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In 2019, Apple is set to unveil its brand new set of iPhones, as is the annual tradition. Last year, Apple revealed the iPhone XS/Max and the iPhone XR, with different initial price points, specs, and purposes respectively. The XS/Max was designed to be the true update to the previous iPhone X of 2017, while the XR was similar to 2016’s iPhone 5SE, which was offered as a budget alternative to the iPhone 7.


Technology enters into 2019 with a bang thanks to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, an event dedicated to showcasing new progressing technology from various companies.


As a part of iOS 12’s launch Apple planned on including the long time requested “Group Facetime,” allowing for people to finally join a Facetime call consisting of more than one person. However, at the last minute Apple released a press statement declaring that the feature would be delayed to allow for more bug testing. Multiple users who had access to the beta version reported that often times both audio and video would randomly cut out, in addition to an occasionally glitchy UI; with the large amount of bugs and glitches found within the beta it came as no surprise many that Apple issued a delay.


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