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With winter coming to a close, so has the LWA basketball season. As we are returning to normalcy post Covid, sports play a big role, so we are glad to have a full basketball season back at Lawrence Woodmere Academy. 

In girls junior varsity basketball, they finished an upsetting season with zero wins. The girls persevered through three games playing against Kew-Forest, Knox School, and Schechter School. The Tigers averaged about 20 points per game. In their first game against Knox on December 13th, the Tigers only lost by 7 points! This was a significant game in relation to team morale, as it was the girls’ first time playing with each other, under a new coach as well.  They moved on to play against Schechter, where Lawrence scored 27 points, and when they went against Kew Forest they scored 16 points. Unfortunately, due to covid, the girls season was cut short after only 3 games.

In boys varsity basketball, the Tigers wrapped up the season with three victories. The boys put up a fight against Portledge, Long Island Lutheran, Stony Brook, and Knox School. Each game was extremely close and all the players gave it their all. Star player and Captain Aiden Best averaged 29 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals a game. Aiden got a full ride D1 scholarship to Hofstra University. We wish all of our senior athletes the best in college!

Thank you, players, for your hard work out on the court. We look forward to the 2023 season and the future of the LWA Tiger basketball teams!

Tiger Robotics Club members 2021-2022 Standing: Ellen Zwerling, Asha Gajraj, Arvind Gajraj, Jaden Abromov, Covenant Badmus, Rene Floreville Kneeling: Mekhi Jordan, Dallas Franklin, Kevin Orllano, Nick Herrarte, Bernidette Lally

On February 20th, 2022, the Tiger Robotics Club rolled into Adelphi University to compete against 30 other schools for a spot in the State Championship. Only six weeks before the first tournament, our school received a grant from NASA aerospace to participate in Vex Robotics tournaments. During those six weeks, the Tigers Robotics Club worked in and out of school to prepare for these tournaments. They held team meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to build, code, and test their two treasured robots, the Clawbot and Moby. The Tiger Robotics Club made it to the State Championships thanks to Freshmen Asha Gajraj, Covenant Badmus and seventh grader Arvind Gajraj. Their perseverance allowed them to push through the first round of games and place 14th out of 31. 

With two weeks to prepare for the Vex Robotics State Championships, the Robotics team kicked it into high gear. They improved their robots during class, lunch, club meeting times, and after school. Drivers trained for matches and skill games, while coders created an autonomous program for the robot. During the tournaments, judges would determine how many points each team received based on how many goals they moved. At 10:53 am, Tiger Robotics joined in an alliance with Bayside Commodores and the two-minute timer started, commencing their first match of the State Championship. The Tigers got off to a slow start and ended up losing this first match 43 to 132. The next match was close, but the robotics team worked together during the autonomous program and driving challenge to get an incredible 158 to 126 win! However, the next two games were played against teams in the top 20 official ranking and included strong opponents. Unfortunately, the Tigers were defeated in both games, but were not discouraged by these losses! Before the last two matches of the day, the team members had time to perfect their autonomous program and practice driving. Their extra work paid off, as they pulled away with two staggering wins to end the night, defeating the other teams by 10 and 21. The Tigers were unable to move on to the next round, but we applaud their hard work and dedication throughout the tournament. 

The members of grades 5, 6, 7, and 9 gave it their all and ended up placing 32st out of 55 in the entire state! And, not to forget, it took the LWA Robotics Team only 6 weeks to get to the State finals while they were challenged by teams with 6 years of experience!

The next competition is the Raspberry Pi robot obstacle course for Cambridge University PiWars in June.  Currently, the Robotics Club is building an obstacle course and will begin running the robots through their paces in the next few weeks. Good luck, robotics team!


Our thirteen Lady Tigers just finished a thrilling fall volleyball season! They wrapped up the regular season with five wins and two losses. We congratulate the Lady Tigers on an incredible season and wish them luck in the seasons to come!


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