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Is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” the Marvelous Movie we hoped for?


Spider-Man has been one of the most popular, iconic, and favorite superheroes for many. There have been hundreds of comics centered around the young hero and disparate renditions of the spiderling’s movies. 19 years after Peter Parker first entered theaters, on December 17th, the 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered. Fans are exhilarated and thrilled to finally see the movie they had been begging for. So far there have been 3 Spider-man trilogies. Tobey Maguire first played the role of Peter Parker in three movies from 2000 to 2007. He established the empire with his originality, making fans fall in love with the character instantly. Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man from 2012 to 2014, making an impact on the Spider-Man fanbase as well. And our current Spider-man, Tom Holland, joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016, now having made 3 solo movies. No Way Home will most likely be the end of his saga. In this film, for the first time ever in Spider-Man movie history, Spider-Man’s identity is revealed as Peter Parker. Old - and ICONIC villains from previous movies of the separate trilogies seem to return, as revealed through the trailer (like Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, Lizard, etc.). The main reason why this movie might be the Movie of the Year is that it is rumored that former Spidermen, Tobey and Andrew, might reprise their roles as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in this movie! We, the viewers, have been aching for this anticipated crossover for years and might see all of them together in the same movie. Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheroes, and I am so excited to witness the future of this character unfold.


I’ve been anticipating watching this movie for a long time and experiencing it in the theaters was hands-down amazing - completely worth waiting for. And even though I was crying tears of joy (and tears of sadness, haha), I thoroughly enjoyed Spider-Man: No Way Home. I loved Tobey and Andrew’s entrances. I was so happy that the rumors were true, and I wasn’t the only one - the entire theater went crazy! All three of them were able to resolve issues that remained in their solo movies, specifically when Andrew caught MJ. In Andrew’s movie sequel, he failed to catch Gwen in time and she unfortunately died, yet when he saw Tom’s MJ falling, he was able to redeem himself - I could NOT stop crying. I loved how Tom rekindled the innocence of the character as he endeavored to save the villains instead of killing them, a characteristic that was truly lost amidst the tragedy of the other movies. I loved the humor too! Andrew’s Peter Parker really cracked me up. For instance, when they had trouble identifying which Peter is who and deciding on numbers, Andrew said, “Of course, I’m Peter 3!” (as it is widely believed that he is the worst- third best - rendition). Also, when he said “I love you guys” and Tom and Tobey responded “Thank you” right before the epic battle, I was crying tears of laughter. Further, when they all were comparing themselves and Andrew said that he was the worst, Tobey said, “No you’re not, you’re- you’re amazing.” I smiled since he is the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ after all:). It was not all sunshines and web-shooters, though. There was an element of tragedy - when Aunt May died, I was speechless and sobbing. I hadn’t expected it at all, yet I believe it was a necessary checkpoint in the classic Peter Parker’s character arc that was previously missing in Tom’s movies. The bond that they all formed was so wonderful. When Andrew said, “I’ve always wanted brothers,” it was like they knew each other all their lives, and all of their hardships and grief throughout the years allowed them to connect so easily and have that strong, firm bond. They are forever a family. This movie captured Spider-Man perfectly through its showcase of the three differing renditions, highlighting each of their strengths and weaknesses as heroes. The sacrifices Tom’s character had to make allowed him to fully understand the meaning of the iconic Spider-Man quote: “with great power comes great responsibility.” I was a little upset with the film’s bittersweet ending, but joyful nonetheless. The movie was marvelous overall - haha. It was so delightful and nostalgic to see all different generations of our “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” together in one movie fighting off the big-bads! I would absolutely recommend this movie to any Marvel or Spider-Man fan!

As of right now, Spider-Man: No Way Home is still breaking box office records and is the sixth highest-grossing film in movie history with $1.8 billion tickets sold. Great job, boys!


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