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Tina Turner: The 1960’s Queen of Rock

Anna Mae Bullock, otherwise known as Tina Turner, was born on November 26, 1939. Anna was born into a family of sharecroppers in Nutbush, Tennessee. Anna’s parents, Floyd and Zelma Bullock, separated and left Anna and her sister with their grandmother. Anna’s grandmother later died around the early 1950’s when Anna was 16 years old. Anna then went to St. Louis, Missouri to live with her mother.

 Anna spent a lot of time at Club Manhattan, where she encountered the Rock-and-roll artist Ike Turner in 1956. Ike and his band Kings Of Rhythm played their music at the club often. Soon enough Anna began to perform alongside the band. She even became the star of their performances!. Her stage name was “Little Ann.” After years of melody and soul, Anna married Ike Turner - the two became an iconic musical duo and Anna finally commences her stage life as our admired Tina Turner. 

Ike and Tina continued to perform together as a musical duo, producing   many hit songs together (including “Nutbush City Limits, “Proud Mary,Poor Fool, etc.) They had 4 children two biological and the other two children of Ike’s. After 16 years of togetherness Tina left Ike due to his abusive tendencies towards her, taking Ike's children to raise as her own. 

Tina did not allow her misfortunes with Ike to discontinue her music career; rather, she persisted as a solo artist. Tina’s first song as a solo artist was “Too Many Ties That Bind” (1978) and her first hit song as a solo artist was “What’s Love Got To Do With It” (1993). As the years went by, Tina earned many admirable awards, such as the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance (1986, 1987, and 1989), Kennedy Center Honors (2000), the Grammy Hall Of Fame for her song “What's Love Got To Do With It” (2012), and many more. 

Today, Tina is 81 years old and is married to Erwin Bach, a German music executive, and remains an inspiration to many. “I didn't have anybody, really, no foundation in life, so I had to make my own way. Always, from the start. I had to go out in the world and become strong, to discover my mission in life.” Tina Turner 

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