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Introduction: The Cultural Celebration and Understanding Team

What is Culture? The definition of culture, such a simple word, can be very complex. It is vivacity, it is comfort, it is the art of discovering commonalities. Cultures have been inherited and accumulated throughout the centuries, practiced within a group of people sharing the same religion, traditions, lifestyles, food, social norms, and so much more. We as a cosmopolitan school are determined to gain knowledge of these various aspects through our Cultural Celebration and Understanding team’s admired efforts. As a member of this team, alongside Chloe Albucker, Lauren Mitchell, and Headmaster O’Connell, we will work towards creating more of an inclusive, open-minded, and tolerant environment — introducing bonding activities and information about daily cultural holidays that will strengthen our relationships and expand our mindsets. In future articles, members of the CCU team will go around the school, interviewing students regarding their specific family traditions to diversify our knowledge about our fellow peers. As Lawrence Woodmere Academy is known to be “at home with the world,” we are committed to educating ourselves and others about the importance of praising differences!


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