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CEASE THE IGNORANCE: Views on the Aftermath of the Election

The night of November 8th of 2016, four years ago. This date — its gravity inescapable from the forefront of our minds. Our nation, entirely unaware of the impending horror we would face — the horror we would inflict upon each other as a result of the hate this man stimulated. We chose. Our nation, our progressing nation, chose. The next executive of our country was elected.

Were we to know this man would obliterate any presence of systematic evolution our nation had finally accepted? Were we to comprehend that regression to the extent of decades would replace relevant development? Were we to know that the maturity our country had ultimately attained after centuries of effort would be demolished in the juncture of one darkness, one night? 

Yes. After all, 65,844,954 people voted against him and his campaign. Though Hillary Clinton technically won by 3%, the electoral college’s votes truly determined the outcome of the election. Hillary earned the majority of the nation’s approval, yet, unfortunately, certain people’s votes in certain states matter “more” — referring to the nonsensical electoral college. Hillary may have won the election in morality; however, the circumstance of the election benefitted Donald Trump. 

The only question I remember pondering whilst looking out my window into the darkness was if the sun would arise once more in the midst of this confusion and illuminate the morning after the chaos had settled.

. . .

The week of November 8th of 2020, 40 days ago. This exasperating week, not so long ago, has surpassed the magnitude of 2016. After two years of campaigning and undying tension, a new president has been elected. Joe Biden, along with his running mate, Kamala Harris.

President-elect Joe Biden, a man who has served our country his entire life — devoted to the betterment of this evolving civilization. Unlike the current president, Joe Biden will be focused on stepping forward into the light rather than falling backwards into shadowed history. He has endured struggles, carried burdens, encountered grief — he was birthed into common life, in no way contrasting to the lives of our own. He understands empathy and the concept of uniting the states of America once more — through this empathy. Joe Biden will focus on the development of our country — he will direct our nation towards the progressing path we were once on towards a more peaceful and harmonious future. 

However, the genuinely mesmerizing aspect of this election was not Joe Biden’s victory, nor the relief to finally remove Trump from the White House. It was the notion of a WOMAN in office. Kamala Harris — a name that will be taught to countless generations to come. The first woman, the first African American woman, the first Indian American woman, to be elected as vice-president of the United States. As we sit alongside our children twenty years from now, we will discuss the significance of this year and the breath-taking divulgence of the 2020 election results. As we look them in the eye, our sons, our daughters, whomever they may identify as, we will be able to see them as a different body. A more embracing, accepting, and respectful nation that acknowledges the differences within the human race and even praises them. 

We may claim to be beyond our years in maturity; however we are not nearly there. Though the Biden-Harris ticket may have won, 73,781,603 people still voted against the improvement we need. 73,781,603 people voted in support of racism, sexism, white-supremacy, unjust police authority, anti-choice, as well as an abundance of other hate-organizations and concepts. The true hope for our world lies within the future, and the only way to achieve such is to take action with the education of ours as well as succeeding generations. They will be the key to acquiring the tranquility we ceaselessly seek — they will kindle the flame, yet we must be the people to ignite the spark. 

. . .

Now we return to the inquiry the country faces — will Donald Trump peacefully vacate the office? He evidently did not comply with the veritable results of the election (as he would plead for unwarranted recounts, publicly doubting the efficiency of our nation). Additionally, will this transfer of authority represent the dignity of the American democracy, or will Donald Trump invalidate our democracy? Thomas Paine once penned in his distinguished pamphlet at the time of the Revolution, The Crisis, that “these are the times that try men’s souls.” Well, an uncanny parallel between the years 1776 and 2020 can be seen, as disappointing as it may seem. These last four years, especially the last 12 months, have tested our country’s sympathy, passion, bonds, and integrity. We have failed, and our “president” Donald Trump has failed at his one responsibility — to maintain the safety of our people. 309,880 deaths are the fault of this man.

This article will not nearly encompass the enormity of emotions felt by our nation. The pain, the relief, the joy, the grief. We have suffered and cried in solitude, divided. We have not been unified in years. Not only have we been intentionally separated by our president, but we have separated ourselves from each other in attempts to feel some sort of assurance while surrounded by confusion. This man — our president — who should have been focused on spreading bliss, was more intently focused on spreading hatred. We must trust that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will work to reclaim the “United” States of America we once took pride in. Because ultimately, as president-elect Joe Biden has recently stated, "our values, our core beliefs, all that has made this nation a beacon to the world is at risk."


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