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What is the CO 2020 doing in quarantine?

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit the U.S and the world hard. It seems that it is all any of us are talking about, and for good reason. It has tragically taken the lives of so many and has affected their families, doctors and nurses, and all other essential workers. This article is in no way brushing over these facts. The Prism staff also acknowledges that we are all lucky to have a safe place to be able to quarantine and to be able to go to school. With all that being said, the Class of 2020 has been also facing challenges. With their senior year cut short, prom, graduation in question, and potentially their first semester of freshman year of college in jeopardy, I began to wonder what they are doing to entertain themselves and to cope with this frustration and boredom.

 I personally have noticed my screen time has increased tremendously. With Netflix series, YouTube videos, and tik tok it seems like there is never a lack of things to watch. This, along with the fact that the school day begins later, has started a trend among seniors of staying up late on their phones, either finishing the last episode of a season they have started to binge-watch, or just scrolling through social media. It seems like Netflix has hopped on to the trend, with new shows like “Tiger King” and “Outer Banks” being released along with new seasons of “Ozark” and “Money Heist.” These shows are high up on a lot of the senior class’ lists for what they have been watching. For one senior, Madison Leonard, Netflix has been her go to as well, saying that she has been “watching Outer Banks and that's it.”  The senior class has also been playing a lot of video games. With “more time on his hands,” one senior, Tyler Haynes, says he has been playing, “Valorant, Overwatch, Smash Bros, and Animal Crossing.” Cordell Nealy agrees, listing his top video games as, “Fortnite, 2K and War Zone.” In addition to video games and Netflix series, seniors also have reported being on social media, especially tik tok, a lot more than usual. One senior, Autumn Washington agrees with this sentiment, saying the app is “so addictive” and she can be “on it for hours at a time.”

However, the seniors haven't been strictly technology. Many have been focusing on online school. In addition to this many have been staying healthy. One Senior, Lilli Albucker, says she has been, “trying to keep a healthy mindset,” by “working out,” focusing on “college stuff,” and “trying to keep (her) head up,” during this difficult time. Despite all the hardships being faced by seniors, we are trying to maintain a positive attitude and continue to find ways to entertain ourselves and keep connected during this time. 


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