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Girls Sports at LWA

In Lawrence Woodmere Academy sports is a majority of the schools’ spirit and culture. In the schools sports, there is a difference between the number of boys participants in sports and the number of participants in girls sports. The girls divisions of sports usually has a much harder time at recruiting players than the boys division.

A majority of girls in the academy agreed upon that sports and other activities don't match or fit into their schedule inside and outside of school. A freshman, Shae lewis stated that “maybe not all the girls in the school have time in their schedules to meet for practices and games. A sophomore, Qadira Shaw claimed that “girls like [herself], participate and attend outside school activities which prevent [her] from joining a team”.

Other girls had claimed there was an imbalance between girls who want to play and girls who don't.  Qadira Shaw responded “as a girl in LWA [she] felt like it depends on the girl. For example [she]  doesn't like sports and maybe the amount of girls enjoy sports and girls who don’t is unbalanced“. Diana is an example of a result of the imbalance in the girls in girl division of sports. She had stated “due to the lack of girl population in LWA. [She] and many other girls had been spread over to do more activities compared to the boys.

Coach Weiss, the boys varsity head coach stated that “ there is a great amount of young men to young women in LWA. Within the school there is a larger quantity of boys who enjoy playing sports compared the amount of girls who like playing sports.”

In Lawrence Woodmere Academy, sports play a big role in the schools identity . Yet in the academy, there is a great imbalance between the amount of boys and girls who are willing to play sports.  


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