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LWA Varsity Soccer

by Ian Geraghty

The Lawrence Woodmere Academy Varsity soccer team has been red hot this season with an undefeated record. With a well rounded squad including grades 8th - 12th the Tigers have been very impressive.

The team consists of Kyler Gonazlez (CO 2024), Sammy Schwartz, Cj Agwai, and Jhon Palaguchi (all CO 2023), Kadence Gonazlez (CO 2022), Blake Pomerantz, Tochi Agwai, David Reid, Daniel Carrión, Ian Geraghty and Michael Coletta (all CO 2021) and Erel Radomsky, Gianni Pizzaro, Madison Leonard, Harrison Shwartz, Cordell Neely and Christan Aristizabal (all CO 2020).

On Wednesday, September 18th at 4:15 pm, the Lawrence Woodmere Varsity Soccer arrived on the campus of Waldorf with confidence after weeks of hard training in preparation for this season, this game included. They went through their team routine and matched up on the field against the enemy. The first goal was struck by Erel Radomsky (CO 2020) and put the Tigers up 1-0. However, the tables turned quickly as Waldorf gathered themselves and scored two goals finding themselves up with around 10 minutes in the game. But within seconds, Ian Geraghty (CO 2021) tied the game at 2-2. This remained for the rest of the game and both teams took a point home in the draw. 

The Tigers first win would not be long awaited as they were able to catch a victory against game Lexington School on Friday, September 20th at 4:00 pm. The team beat them with an outstanding score of 9-1. This helped the Tigers bounce back from a hard fought 2-2 tie to the Waldorf School in a big way. The team was led by Ian Geraghty (CO 2021), who had 5 goals and Kyler Gonzalez (CO 2024), who had 2 goals in her first every varsity game. Cordell Neely (CO 2020) and Harrison Schwartz (CO 2020) each chipped in a goal as well.   

The team then played the following Tuesday. On Wednesday, September 24th at 4:00 pm the Tigers went after it again against Martin Luther. LWA got off to a slow start with only 2 goals in the first half. Then they settled down, got their act together and won 5-2. Goals came from Ian Geraghty (CO 2021) with 2, Michael Coletta (CO 2021) with 2 and Erel Radomsky (CO 2020) with 1. Michael Coletta emphasized this about his impact on the game, “It was an incredible achievement scoring the couple of goals as well as helping the team stretch the victory.”

However the most anticipated game of the season came against the Kew Forest School on Friday, September 25th, at 4:00pm. The Tigers and Jaguars were both leading the table and this game would determine the Metro league leader.  With an ambitious start, big goals came from Erel Radomsky as he scored 2 beautiful free kicks from nearly close to half. Ian Geraghty was able to chip in 2 goals as well as Michael Coletta who scored a superb header. Erel stated, “the goals I scored in the victory were not only beautiful and truly amazing to watch but emotional because I saw my family on and off the field cheering and supporting me.” The Tigers were able to take control of the division with a 5-1 victory against Kew Forest. 

With half of the season in play Coach David O’Keeffe had this to say about his Tigers, “I feel like our season has gone off to a fantastic start. We have had 4 games and are undefeated. Attendance has been fantastic at practice and everyone is putting in a great effort and the attitude is fantastic and we are very excited to see where the season takes us.”


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