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By Larry Rhabb

As their last year of high school begins, many seniors across the country proclaim to have “Senioritis”, a feeling of not wanting to put in the same effort they had for their first 3 years of high school. Is this something all seniors have and is this a real thing?

Senioritis stems from the idea that students “are applying to schools and [they] feel that their hard work can now come to a slow decline,” according to an anonymous LWA senior. The idea is that as colleges start to accept students and seniors begin to decide and plan on where to spend the next 4 years of their lives, their effort in school allegedly begins to decrease. A reason might be that, there is more of a desire to finish the common app and get applications out, than there is to keep up their work ethic.

“Yea I say I have Senioritis everyday, but in reality I don’t lose or gain any more effort than I had before. I still do all of my work. It's not like I want to fail,” a senior at LWA says. This recurring theme of Senioritis strikes the nation year after year as memes on social media create buzz and seniors announce they are affected by Senioritis. Some might say it is harmless, however, according to LWA senior, Jaiden Fox, “it is bad, because [they’ve] only been in school for a month and [they] don’t do any work.” 

There are incentives to not fall subject to Senioritis. It is beneficial for a senior  to stay on top of their A game and finish out high school strong. Although many colleges don’t always look at full year grades in the highest regard, colleges do look at first semester grades, which could negatively impact college decisions and scholarships if they fall below a certain level.


By Maurice Butler

For a while now, The National Basketball Association has always had their preseason against foreign teams and in foreign countries. Much of the time, the teams the NBA teams play against in the preseason are Chinese teams. In China, the NBA is very popular, making China one of the NBA’s biggest supporters in the world. This is partly the reason why Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey sparked controversy when he tweeted an image that said, “fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong”. The tweet has since been deleted.

Andrew Johnson

IMPEACHMENT: An investigation and subsequent trial in which the accused, if found guilty, will be removed from office. It does not mean the direct removal of said person from office. 

DISCLAIMER: The Trump, Clinton, and Johnson impeachments are all extremely complex with years of context, this is a BRIEF overview of each. 

In the Media:

Donald J. Trump: 45th president of the United States. 

The many cases against Trump and their validity depend on who you ask and unlike previous presidents Clinton and Johnson we don’t have the hindsight of history. Like Clinton and Johnson, the motion to impeachment is more than the crime that he’s being brought upon; it’s a move to remove an unpopular president. Trump has been criticized for his policies that flirt with racism, his dealings with his family business, possible collusion with Russia, attempted obstruction of justice, inflammatory public statements, close encounters with white supremacy/neo-nazism, among other issues. Trump currently sits with a 49% approval rating, the highest it’s been all of 2019.  Needless to say like Clinton and Johnson, in certain circles, Trump is not well-liked. After two whistleblowers have come forward accusing Trump of extorting the Ukranian government for investigations on his political adversary’s son, impeachment actions have been set in motion by the democratic party. Currently, impeachment is in progress as Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani gets a lawyer and the rest of the Trump administration scrambles with more and more leaks and whistleblowers coming out. But will this be as politically motivated as the other two impeachments? 

In Contemporary History:

Bill Clinton: 42nd President of the United States.

Clinton was called to testify in the Paula Jones lawsuit, based on a claim that Clinton had sexually assaulted Jones, and under oath, he claimed that he was not having sexual relations with another woman, Monica Lewinsky. He specifically said “there is nothing going on between us” and when it was revealed that he was having or did have a relationship with her at the time of the testimony the use of the word “is” was called into question. If “is” meant he wasn’t having a relationship with her when he said that then he told the truth, but if “is” meant he never had a relationship with her, that would be a lie and he had lied under oath and that’s a crime worthy of impeachment. This became the charge of purgery that was brought up and the whole impeachment was based on. It went through Congress and following a vote Clinton was brought up with a 45 guilty and 55 not guilty rulings on perjury and 50/50 split on obstruction of justice and he was allowed to stay in power. 

In History: 

Andrew Johnson: 17th President of the United States. 

During the Civil War, Andrew Johnson was the rare Union supporting southern Democrat so of course he would be the perfect VP for the president who wanted to save the union. He was chosen to create a bridge between the North and South during the war, but he was never supposed to be president. This all changed when Lincoln was assassinated. With Radical Republicans controlling Congress, Johnson’s time as president was not expected to last. Congress was looking for any chance to impeach Johnson hence the drafting and passing of the Tenure of Office bill which limits the president's ability to fire members of the cabinet without congressional approval. The reason this was done was that Johnson wanted to fire his secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, who was a holdover from Lincoln. Johnson didn’t like this and he hired Lorenzo Thomas to fill Stanton’s role but Stanton didn’t see himself as fired due to the Tenure of Office bill. Stanton barricaded himself in his office and Congress enacted impeachment based on the idea that Andrew Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act by appointing Lorenzo Thomas. Andrew Johnson was impeached but he was not removed because he had a 35-19 vote in congress (35 guilties and 19 not guilties), which is one below what was needed for removal, making him the first United States president to be impeached. 


by Ian Geraghty

The Lawrence Woodmere Academy Varsity soccer team has been red hot this season with an undefeated record. With a well rounded squad including grades 8th - 12th the Tigers have been very impressive.


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