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Women in Sports

The wage gap between men and women players in professional sports is the focus of this series in which those stories are illuminated.

During the 20th century, men were more likely than women to compete in athletics. This began to change in 1972 when the Title IX of the Education Amendments was passed to ban discrimination within public education and other programs that receive government assistance. Even though this law increased the amount of female participation in high school sports, participation in female pro sports was very low. When professional sports come up in a conversation, most people think about the male teams. Very often the women professional teams are treated unequally compared to the men and even often forgotten about. This stems from the wage gap and unequal advertising which leans more towards men.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a well known professional soccer player currently playing on Italian club team Juventus FC, who is now the highest paid active player at $52 million. This does not include the annual $28 million that is made through advertising and endorsements. Alex Morgan, a female soccer player who is on the same talent level as Ronaldo, makes around $450,000 annually.  That is a clear, specific example of unfair treatment between men and women professional soccer players.


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