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iPhone Rumor Roundup

In 2019, Apple is set to unveil its brand new set of iPhones, as is the annual tradition. Last year, Apple revealed the iPhone XS/Max and the iPhone XR, with different initial price points, specs, and purposes respectively. The XS/Max was designed to be the true update to the previous iPhone X of 2017, while the XR was similar to 2016’s iPhone 5SE, which was offered as a budget alternative to the iPhone 7.

This year Apple is rumored to have been preparing three phones: premium 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones, as well as a budget 6.1-inch iPhone. It is possible that the phones will be named something along the lines of “iPhone XI” or “iPhone Xc.” The XI would represent the premium models while the Xc would be the budget model, most likely housing a lower resolution screen and camera.

The XI is rumored to have some major upgrades that will shift the way that iPhones are built going forward. One of these changes is the shift from the trademark lightning port to a new USB-C infrastructure. Apple’s already made the change to USB-C with their Macbook division, foregoing the previous USB-A standard in favor of it. They’ve also made the change to the third generation iPad Pro which is the first iOS-based device to feature a USB-C port.

This port change is crucial as it would be the first time in Apple history that its smart devices can charge using a non-proprietary port. Essentially, for the first time, both Android and iPhone users could share chargers with each other. This change will inevitably weaken Apple’s tight ecosystem, which previously utilized the lighting port as a gap bridge. However, the change is going to greatly benefit consumers who would no longer be limited to purchasing official Apple cables, and could instead utilize any USB-C cable available.

Another planned change for the new generation is the addition of a triple camera lens setup. The new lenses will increase a  photo’s field of view and also allow for increased clarity with zoomed-in photos or videos.

The final specs rumored for the new phones are lesser in significance compared to the previous two. The phones are said to be receiving new screens with waterproof display technology that will allow people to use them even if they are completely underwater. The phones are also said to be receiving changes to the size of the camera notch, which would slightly increase the overall screen size of the phone.

Taking each of these rumors into account, the latest iPhones currently sound like they encompass a variety of enticing upgrades compared to the previous generation. Though all this information is exciting, it is important to remember that the new features listed here are only rumors, meaning that there is a good chance that some of these features will not come to fruition. As more time passes by, the rumors will become more accurate, and it will not be much longer until there is a more concrete prediction for what Apple has in store.


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