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LWA Senior Goes to IMG

Carlex Villier (CO 2019) will be attending IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida to play soccer for the next three months of his senior year. IMG Academy is a preparatory boarding school that offers high level sport training for skilled athletes. “I attended an IMG camp for a week, played alongside kids from all over the country, and was offered to attend the school,” said Villier.

After receiving an offer from the school, Carlex was very excited about the opportunity, even though it meant that there would be many people he would miss seeing every day. Despite some reservations, Carlex eventually decided with his family that playing at the academy was the best thing for him because it would open up opportunities to play at higher level colleges. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people, becoming more skillful, and achieving my dream of playing D1 soccer and then eventually professional soccer,” he said.  Carlex is planning on keeping up with his school work through emailing his teachers, using Google Classroom, and meeting all deadlines for homework and long term assignments. He will return to Lawrence Woodmere Academy in May to take his finals and graduate.

Mr. Craig Pinto, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at LWA, became a football kicker through his twenty year experience of playing soccer, eventually playing Division 1 football for Hofstra. He has watched Carlex play in the AndGoSports Executive Cup College Showcase, and thinks Carlex is doing something amazing for his future. Pinto also believes that IMG Academy will offer him the best opportunity to take the best step forward in his athletic career. “Although I will miss him, I do believe he will be successful and I look forward to seeing him play in college,” said Pinto.


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