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Health Matters: Sex Education

The topic of sex education has recently become increasingly important around the world. Many high schools have decided to cut sex ed programs in the fear that they promote sexual activity (Serenko), but this is a misconception. There are no studies showing that teaching young adults about reproductive health encourages sexual activity. Sex ed classes have been rightly designed to inform kids about making advised choices regarding sexual activity, or even life choices in general (Serenko).

The benefits of sex education are numerous. These classes teach students about how they can contract life-altering diseases like HIV or STDs, and what they can do to prevent this. Also, they help kids learn about contraceptives to avoid unintentional pregnancies. When teenagers have a child too early in life, it will undoubtedly negatively impact their future. It may prevent them from furthering their education and will make it difficult for them to obtain a job to provide for the child.

An extremely important factor in such a program is what it can do for a teenager’s self-worth. It is important to teach kids that saying “no” is more than okay. These programs prevent sexual abuse and violation by teaching teenagers what abuse is, how to identify it, and how to handle it. Sex ed programs teach teenagers about the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy relationship.

According to The United Nations Population Fund, some programs delayed sexual intercourse by 37% and even reduced the frequency of sex by 31%. Additionally, they reduced the number of sexual partners by 44% and increased the use of contraception by 40%.

A curriculum that includes these topics is truly beneficial for all. It helps students know what they should do in uncomfortable situations, establishes their developing self-worth, and teaches that all choices have consequences. Sex ed programs help all high schoolers learn about the right way to approach their sexuality.


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