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The topic of sex education has recently become increasingly important around the world. Many high schools have decided to cut sex ed programs in the fear that they promote sexual activity (Serenko), but this is a misconception. There are no studies showing that teaching young adults about reproductive health encourages sexual activity. Sex ed classes have been rightly designed to inform kids about making advised choices regarding sexual activity, or even life choices in general (Serenko).

International Day 2019 (473)

The Lawrence Woodmere Academy Multicultural Assembly is an annual tradition participated in by the entire school. It is held to celebrate and recognize all of the cultures that together form the LWA community.


Carlex Villier (CO 2019) will be attending IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida to play soccer for the next three months of his senior year. IMG Academy is a preparatory boarding school...


In the summer of 2015, Tsai received an endorsement from the late John McCain, allowing her to become the first female president of the Republic of China. She is the seventh president of the Republic...

Paul Manafort, Plane crash, Luke Perry, Anti-Hate resolution: Links to news picks of the week (March 4-10)


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