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The Person Behind The Photograph

On Christmas Day when she was 14 years old, Bailey Flainzraich, CO 2019, received a gift that would change her life: a red Canon Rebel T-5 camera. It set her on a path that continues to this day. Her goal is to become a professional photographer after her college years where she will pursue a fine arts degree in photography.

According to Flanzraich, photography is something she has been interested in for many years and she believes “there would never be a time that there is nothing to photograph.” Photographs will always be unique and “one picture will never be the same as another." It is for this senior, an art that will constantly grow and change. Photography, she added, is also an escape. During "hard times" it is an "outlet," helping her to cope with the situation and giving her something else to focus on.

When deciding what to photograph, Bailey looks to things that stand out, “If something looks interesting or out of the ordinary”, she will most likely photograph it. She said that a lot of different things contribute to the creation of a photograph. It depends on how one photographs the image, considering factors like, “the angle and the lighting.”

When asked what she would rather photograph- people or scenery - she said, “I love to take photos of people.” She continued, “Portraits and candids are my favorite to take. I can take multiple photos of a person and they will all look different because of the way that I pose them or their facial expressions will change.” The staff photographer for the yearbook, she has also done photo shoots for real estate staging, and recently, Christmas portraits of a child. While she enjoys photographing landscapes and objects on occasion, “nothing is the same as capturing a person in their natural state.”

This Class of 2019 senior said that her future profession is in photography. She applied to many different art schools where she can pursue her passion for photography. So far, she has been accepted into two of her choice colleges, School of Visual Arts (SVA) and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). In March, she committed to SCAD.


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