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Varsity Basketball at Coliseum

On Saturday January 5th at 2:30, the LWA Boys Varsity basketball team played against Saint John the Baptist at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Sophomore Daniel Carrion scored his first three-pointer on a varsity team, junior Larry Rhabb soared for a dunk attempt on a fast break, and senior Aidan Igiehon went five for five on the three point line which contributed to a Tiger win of 86 to 39.

Members of the LWA community sat in the stands to watch the game, including Dr.Luke Feder, who is the the History Department’s Curriculum Coordinator and teacher. It was his first time seeing the boys play; he was “excited to see how his students used their athletic abilities to work together to win the game”. Players on the court like senior Aidan Igiehon felt that “it was an honor to go out on the battlefield alongside his brothers, and catch the W”. At the end of the game, Coach Jeff Weiss expressed that he was “proud to see his team play well, have fun, and experience playing on a professional court”. The boys have had a successful season so far with a record of eight and two and will continue doing their best as the season goes on.


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