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Renovations Underway

The Hessel Hall and exterior of the school are under extensive remodeling, says Lawrence Woodmere Academy Director of Development, Craig Pinto. The renovations on Hessel Hall are attempting to remodel the old auditorium and replace its fixtures, as well as fixing any structural damage. The theater, which was built in 1929, has had problems over the years with water damage. According to Mr. Pinto, “The goal of this Hessel Hall renovation is to upgrade and update the auditorium to give our students and families the best possible experience while in Hessel.”

Along the way, Mr. Pinto has hosted and plans to host several fundraising events, such as the dinner with Jimmy award winner Andrew Feldman and Inspiring Teacher Tasha Partee, in an effort to raise money for the project, but they have run into some problems, saying, “With anything involving fundraising, target numbers and dates can be a problem. We have to do the project at the pace the donations come in, rather than the pace we would love to complete the project in.” Some parts, like the ceiling, Mr. Pinto says, are difficult to complete while school is in session. Nevertheless, the project still has an estimated completion date is Summer 2019.

The outdoor renovations are already reaching their final stages. As stated by Mr. Pinto, “The outdoor updates are just about complete. We have one more bench to be placed, but unfortunately, as the weather gets colder, we won't be able to install it until the spring now.” The goal of these renovations was to clean up the front of the building as a whole, as well as adding flowers, benches, and overall just beautifying the area. The benches were donated by the Alumni to “create a park-like setting” around the school.

Both of these renovations have the goal of beautifying and maintaining the school and will be able to be seen totally complete in the next school year.


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