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Louisville Bound Igiehon

Aidan Harris Igiehon (CO 2019), popularly known as the “Irish Hulk”, committed to the basketball team at the University of Louisville on Friday, October, 19, 2018. In Hessel Hall, he moved the crowd of his friends, family and the entire LWA Upper School with the story of his upbringing. He showed us a side of him that many had not seen before, a story that just wasn’t about basketball, but also about how he got to where he is today, and what he has had do do in order to get there.

The ceremony started off with, a speech from Coach Jeff Weiss, LWA Athletic Director, to introduce Aidan. Coach Weiss talked about the things people don’t see. How they only see “the finished product” and not the things that have had to be done in order for him to get there. He told the crowd about all the hard work that Aidan has put in in order to have colleges all across the nation interested in him.

Aidan’s life changed drastically once he came to a tournament with his team, the Dublin Lions, from Ireland. At the tournament he was recognized for his  6’5" height and that he had potential to be better. So he was scouted to play basketball in the United States. After this he had to find a school in a America to finish his basketball career.

Aidan chose to attend Lawrence Woodmere Academy because he was promised an “opportunity and a family” and that was good enough for him. Aidan’s journey to getting where he is today by no means was easy. It was day and nights of working on his game, pursuing his passion, and trying to improve. He knew what he wanted in life and worked hard to get there. After college basketball Aidan’s dream is to go to the National Basketball Association.


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